How should stainless steel dish racks be rust and rustproof?

2019-11-25 857

How should I get rust and rust?

Food rust and rust Remove the rust by cutting the onion, the freshly sliced potato chips or the radish skin with a little salt. As for rust prevention, use the cut ginger to change the ironware; put the leftover tea residue in the yarn and rub the ironware; immerse the cleaned ironware in the thick rice water, remove it and dry it, it can be useful rust. Seasoning to rust Vinegar is our most commonly used rust removal item. The iron pan is rusted, pour some vinegar in the pot, add water to boil, and while burning, you can quickly remove the rust. The copper pot is rusty and the same is used to scrub with vinegar. The coarse particles of salt are also the rust-removing items of aspirations. If the pot is rusty, put the salt in the pan and fry. After the salt turns yellow, turn off the pan and quickly remove the rust. Tinfoil rust is used to wrap cigarettes, chewing gum, and the foil used to bake popcorn should not be thrown away. Put it into a ball, lick some water, rub the iron back and forth in the ground, and quickly make the items sparkle. Glowing.

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