Dish storage guidelines

2019-11-25 899

Guidelines for dish storage

The storage principle of dishes is always in the first place. The modern dishes are mostly made of ceramic materials. They have fragile characteristics. Generally, they fall beyond 10CM. If the dishes are not broken, they are lacking. A corner, so the placement is full of the first place, so some flat stacks are easy to form the collapse of the dishes, the ending is broken and safe. The second criterion is the use of space. How to store more dishes in an inherent space, the power of the space must be strong, otherwise it may not be enough to use the cabinets at home. In the end, it is the draining and ventilation power. After the dishes are cleaned, they are all stained with water. If there is no drainage and ventilation, it is easy to breed bacteria. If the following use does not pay attention to cleaning, these bacteria will naturally enter the stomach. Adults still say that children are in poor health and are prone to diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases, so it is necessary to drain the dishes.


Use of stainless steel dish rack

Some places with better ventilation and not easy to get wet are often better places to put dishes. Most families use cabinets and dishes. Because the dishes are more convenient, they can settle in their own convenient position or hang. The walls, perhaps placed vertically on the cabinet, can also be placed in the cabinet. Compared with the disinfection cabinet, the advantage of the dish rack is obviously that it is environmentally friendly and durable. The disinfection cabinet is also an electrical appliance. The consumption of electricity violates the saving criteria of many people. The dish rack can also be versatile. Many wall-mounted dish racks also have the functions of placing chopsticks, hanging tools, kitchen utensils, etc., and use a small space for the zooming of the trick, just like that. A versatile wall-mounted dish rack is simply a tailor-made device for small family homes.

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